#3 Use is value: The digitization of public broadcasting archives

This podcast concerns the huge archives of the public broadcasters in Western Europe, how the archives are digitize and how they will be accessible and useful in new ways. Public broadcaster’s as BBC and DR (Denmark) have archives containing audio visual cultural heritage. The last 10 years they have created different strategies for digitization and making the collections accessible for use, but it’s a huge task with a lot of issues. BBC has created several projects and platforms (http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/) and DR has created or co-created projects as Bonanza (http://www.dr.dk/Bonanza), danskkulturarv.dk and larm.fm. The flemish government has create another strategy where a external institute is handling the digitization and the acces of audio visual archives, which creates other possibilities.  Speakers and interviewees: Bill Thompson, Head of Partnership Development, BBC Archives, London, Tobias Golodnoff, Head of the Cultural Heritage Project, DR, Copenhagen, Brecht Declercq, Digitization and Acquisition Manager at VIAA, B elgium

#1 LARM Conference 2013

On the 14th and 15th of November the LARM conference took place at Copenhagen University. A group of archivists, historians, linguists, artists, curators, and others interested in the digitization of audiovisual cultural heritage, gathered to discuss issues concerning digital humanities: preservation, categorization, infrastructures, access, and visualization.
In this podcast assistant professor Jacob Kreutzfeldt and associate professor Jacob Thøgersen, two of the coordinators of the conference, and members of the LARM commitee at Copenhagen University, explain about the issues addressed, and their background for hosting the conference.