#4 The Embodiment of Sound: Sound Archives in Museum Exhibitions

This podcast concerns the possibilities of using digitized sound archives in museum exhibitions. Professor Karin Bijsterveld introduces the abillities of the sound and present a sound installation made for the Amsterdam Museum. Curator Christian Hviid Mortensen shows Heidi Svømmekjær and his example of how to use the digitized radio of the LARM archive in a museum exhibition. Freelance Hege Huseby reflects critically on cultural history museums use of audio visual material.  Speakers and interviewees: Karin Bijsterveld , Professor of Science, Technology & Modern Culture, Maarstricht University, Christian Hviid Mortensen, Pdh. and curator Mediemuseet, Odense, Hege Huseby, Master of Modern Culture and freelance curator. Qutation: Det elektriske barometer, DR P1, 6. nov. 1994, kl. 22.

#1 LARM Conference 2013

On the 14th and 15th of November the LARM conference took place at Copenhagen University. A group of archivists, historians, linguists, artists, curators, and others interested in the digitization of audiovisual cultural heritage, gathered to discuss issues concerning digital humanities: preservation, categorization, infrastructures, access, and visualization.
In this podcast assistant professor Jacob Kreutzfeldt and associate professor Jacob Thøgersen, two of the coordinators of the conference, and members of the LARM commitee at Copenhagen University, explain about the issues addressed, and their background for hosting the conference.